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About US

Narayani Naturals is company dealing in organic and conventional natural bulk products such as herbs, spices and fruits. The natural produce is procured from certified sources and is dried using state-of- art technology to preserve the natural color, flavor, aroma and all the nutrients of the product.

The natural products are vacuum packed in food grade packaging to ensure freshness, prevent any contamination and preserve the shelf life. Narayani Naturals is backed by certified organic farms and contract farmer societies in the plains as well as the in the Alpine Himalayas.

Quality commitment

We have a total quality commitment towards our buyers. The products are manufactured under most suitable conditions and we guarantee a long shelf life which is defined for each product. The products are vacuum packed in food grade bags to preserve their quality. We are working towards Fair trade.

The raw material and products are tested in NABL accredited laboratory facility. A full spectrum analysis of the material and the finished products is carried out such as:

  1. The physico-chemical tests
  2.  Microbiological tests
  3. Residual Pesticide analysis using GC-MS
  4. Trace metal analysis using AAS Other testing carried out as per customer requirements:
  5. Afla-toxin tests
  6. Phytochemical profile using TLC, HPLC, GC-MS etc.

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